Control the Pollution, Make the World Sustainable

Investigating human connections to water and sustainable development through environmental monitoring and assessment

Water is vital to all forms of life, especially for human survival, and keeping it clean is more challenging than ever for a densely populated country like Bangladesh. Recently, water has been polluted by many emerging chemicals due to unsustainable developments. People continue to use and degrade the water resource directly through anthropogenic perturbations and indirectly through global climate changes. Our work highlights the connections among water, human health, and sustainable development through investigations into the hydrobiogeochemistry of watersheds, identifying and quantifying emerging pollutants in the food chain and possible health risks, and environmental monitoring and assessments using advanced field techniques, mimic laboratory experiments, and geospatial modeling.
Impoundment and pollution can affect monsoon-driven seasonality in water and carbon flows through the Ganges,
Water quality of Bangladesh is deteriorating by both conventional pollutants (heavy metals, pesticides, microbes)


Hydrobiogeochemistry and Pollution Control Laboratory is an advanced research lab of the Department of Environmental Sciences, Jahangirnagar University. Many research students are performing their research work in this lab.

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